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About Shahid Malik

I am a career REALTOR, licensed in VA/MD who began working with buyers and sellers back in 2007. My clients value my professionalism, prompt follow-up, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail. My understanding of excellent services stems from my sales background. From luxury retail to luxury real estate, I understand the need for distinctive real estate representation. Today, as a designated Realtor, I couldn't ask for a better job. "It's a great feeling to live and work in an area with so many real estate opportunities. I've lived in Fairfax most of my adult life, and every day I gain a greater appreciation for all that this area has to offer". As a full-time realtor, my approach to real estate is focused on getting to know my clients as real people whose company I enjoy, and taking care of them from beginning to end. I believe " There is no place like home and the ability to provide for you and the future through appreciating investments is priceless".